To Hard Labor Creek State Park 

The Park is 2 miles north of Rutledge, Georgia.  From Hartsfield Atlanta Airport, take I-75/85 North to I-20 East and go past the City of Covington.  Take exit #105  and follow the signs to the Park, turning left over the interstate and proceeding north 3 miles on Fairplay Road, which jogs left and then right at some railroad tracks just before going through "downtown" Rutledge.  Stop in Rutledge to see the Hardware store, antiques, and an ice cream parlor made from an old caboose.  Continue north on Fairplay Road until you enter the park.  Follow the park signs by a lake and past the equestrian area to a 2-mile dirt road that leads to our private group camp called Camp Rutledge. View a collection of maps here.  With no traffic, the drive should take roughly one hour.

To East Lake Commons

From Hard Labor Creek State Park, return to I-20, go back West toward Atlanta, and get off at exit 61B, Glenwood, and go Right on Glenwood Avenue.  


From Hartsfield Atlanta Airport, take I-75/85 North to I-20 East.  Pass the first sign that says Glenwood and take the second one, Exit 61B, going left over the bridge.  


As the East Lake golf course becomes visible on the left, look for a house on the right with a sign in the yard reading “THE WINE YES ONE KEG LORD.”  If you can figure out what this means, you’re smarter than we are.





Continue about a mile.  When you see a KFC on the left, turn right on 2nd Ave.  Almost immediately on your right is a brick wall painted with the words “WAKE UP!”





Continue on, but look quickly for the 2nd left which is Dancing Fox Road.  If you pass a funeral home, you’ve gone too far.  The gate pass code is #6666.   Park anywhere and walk down to number 704.