The entire weekend’s events will take place at Hard Labor Creek State Park, about 45 minutes East of downtown Atlanta.  We think “Hard Labor” is a great theme for a wedding, and more importantly it was at this park that we met for the first time 12 September 1998.


We’ve reserved an entire 120-bed group camp for the weekend and we’re hoping you’ll want to stay with us in the camp for Friday and Saturday nights. 


The private group camp is situated on a lake at the end of a two-mile long dirt road.  It has four clusters of cabins with 7 cabins in each cluster and four beds in each cabin.  The cabins are very small and have no heating or air conditioning.  Each cluster has a common bathhouse and a common meeting house with a fireplace.  NEW!!! PHOTOS OF THE CAMP!!!  


The almost-complete range of lodging options:


We really want you to stay with us at the group camp, but if you simply can’t hack it without air conditioning or want a double bed or can only drive out for the afternoon, it'll be ok.


All the meals Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be served in the dining hall.  The wedding ceremony will be held either in a screened-in assembly hall, or down by the water in an open amphitheater.



The average historical temperature in Rutledge Georgia 30663 on the 5th of October is 65 degrees, with an average high of 75 and average low of 53.  The record high is 98 and record low is 39.  The average rainfall for October is 3.2 inches.  The sun will rise at 7:32am and set at 7:14pm for a total of 11.7 hours of daylight.  There will be a quarter moon.  According to NOAA, the average first freeze for Morgan County will come sometime after the wedding, which means mosquitos may still be in full force.  Go to skeeterbites.com and enter zip code 30663 for a 3-week mosquito forecast for the area.  Go to weather.com and enter the same zipcode for an up-to-date forecast., 

What to Bring

Most important, bring your own bed linens, blankets, and towels.  We also recommend bug spray and sun screen.  We expect the temperatures to be mild but the cabins don’t have heat or air, so you may want to pack some clothes that can be layered.  Depending on how the weather turns out, you may want to bring a swimsuit, golf clubs, fishing poles, boats, and other gear.  Unfortunately pets are not allowed.


For the talent show on Friday bring whatever you need to make your act a rioting success.  Guitars, alpenhorns, accordions, ocarinas, unicycles, bowling pins, live animals – whatever it takes.  If you need something for the show and can’t fit it in the overhead bin on the airplane, let us know and we’ll try to get it for you.

What to Wear

Please don’t wear your Sunday Best to our wedding ceremony.  We’ll be staying in a rustic campground and it just won’t feel right.  Specifically, high heels would be a bad idea here -- most of the walkways on the grounds are dirt or gravel.  John isn’t planning to wear a tie -- you can wear one if you want. 


For the rest of the weekend plan to dress for comfort, especially the shoes.  For the contra dance, many like to wear summer weight clothes with soft shoes.  Many women and some men like to contra dance in light, long, twirly skirts and dresses that swing-out gently when you spin.   Since there’s no heat or air, plan on dressing for the weather, including the possibility of rain.