The Ceremony


Gwen and John attend the Atlanta Friends Meeting.  Friends are known commonly as Quakers. 


Our wedding ceremony will be conducted “under the care of the Meeting.”  This means the ceremony is first and foremost a Meeting for Worship, with Gwen and John making their promises within that context.


Quaker weddings are a little unusual in that there is no minister, no bride’s maid, no best man, no processional, and no music.


The Meeting for Worship begins in an atmosphere of quiet and reverence, with the two of us seated at the front.  After a time, we rise from our seats, take each other by the hand, and make our promises.  When seated again, the meeting continues in silent waiting upon God while those assembled share in the worship through prayer and meditation or unprepared spoken messages.  The meeting closes by a shaking of hands.  Immediately after, a marriage certificate is brought forward and read aloud.  Both of us, and then all present, are asked to sign the wedding certificate as witnesses to the marriage.


We want our ceremony to be reverent and traditional in this way.  In contrast, we’re hoping to have one blow-out of a reception.


More information about Quakerism is available through the Friends General Conference and the Atlanta Friends Meeting.